The Most Resilient Flowers for Your Garden

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Gardens are places of experimentation. It can take many years of trial and error to figure out the plants that not only grow best in your climate and soil but also provide a charming aesthetic without being overly labor-intensive. Whether you’re a novice looking to foolproof your garden or an experienced green thumb on the search for hardy new staples, resilient flowers are a must-have for every garden.

In short, resilient plants are those which have the hardiness and vigor to withstand harsh temperatures, diseases, and pests. The benefit of having an array of resilient plants in your garden is that even if harsh conditions impact and ravage some of your less hardy plants, your garden can still maintain a beautiful and functional aesthetic. In many ways, your resilient plants can function as the backbone of your garden by providing a strong foundation for the rest of your garden’s beauty.

The choice of which plants to choose can be a little daunting, so let’s narrow it down and look at our five favorite resilient plants that will sure to be right at home in your garden.

Catmint (hardiness zones 3-9): prized for its heat resistance and gorgeous mid-summer blooms, it is one of the most reliable and colorful perennials. They pair well with virtually every other plant and can also be sheared in mid-late summer for additional fall bloom.

Yarrow (hardiness zones 3-9): this easy-to-grow perennial is low-maintenance and highly drought-tolerant. Its bright yellow, white, and pink flowers make it a great choice for adding color to any garden, and its attractive foliage creates a stunning backdrop for other plants.

Daylilies (hardiness zones 4-9): despite their somewhat delicate appearance, daylilies are a landscaping favorite for their ability to grow in wet, dry, humid, and hot environments. On top of this, daylilies have also been known to bloom for months.

Moss phlox (hardiness zones 3-9): known for its colorful and low-maintenance ground cover, moss phlox is perfect for areas with poor soils. Its small, star-shaped flowers add a pop of color to any garden, and its fragrant blooms will attract butterflies and other pollinators. Plus, its drought tolerance makes it a great choice for hot, dry climates.

Marigolds (hardiness zones 2-11): perhaps the most important feature of marigolds is that deer and rabbits despise their taste, making them an amazing and effective perimeter to your vegetable garden. In addition, marigolds are also drought tolerant and also repel pests that can potentially damage your garden.

If you’re looking to both strengthen and diversify your garden all of these represent sure-fire bets. While you should always leave room for gardening experimentation, let hardy plants like these serve as the backbone to ensure a consistently beautiful garden.

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