World’s Most Famous Lawns

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While we may often think of lawns as just being a patch of grass, the truth is lawns have the ability to hold historical, cultural, and symbolic significance. From grand presidential residences to sprawling royal palaces, lawns can function as symbols of power, capturing the attention and admiration of people worldwide. Let’s take a quick peek at some of the most iconic and famous lawns in the world.

1. The South Lawn

Located at The White House, the South Lawn boasts one of the most iconic and widely recognized lawns in the world. Covering approximately 18 acres, not only does the South Lawn serve as a symbol of power and diplomacy, but it’s also where presidents and their families have fun and relax. The lawn contains a running track, a putting green, a horseshoe pit, vegetable gardens, and what no home should be without a helicopter landing pad.

2. Buckingham Palace Garden

What screams power and luxury better than having 40 acres of a sprawling and manicured lawn, gardens, paths, a thousand trees, and, oh, yeah, another helicopter landing pad? That would be the Palace Garden at Buckingham. The lush landscape is used exclusively by the royal family for whatever it is royal families do with their lawns: host royal picnics? Play royal bocce? Grill royal hot dogs? We’ll never know. At one point in the late 1700s, George III began collecting exotic animals, so the Palace Garden also became home to such creatures as zebras and an elephant (how did they transport an elephant to Buckingham Palace in the 1760s?).

Buckingham Palace

3. The Great Lawn at Versailles

Located just outside of Paris, France, Versailles is renowned for its opulent gardens, with the Great Lawn being a centerpiece of grandeur. This sprawling expanse of green covers an astonishing 250 acres, and its creation was initiated by Louis XIV in the 17th century. The Great Lawn required extensive landscaping efforts, including the rerouting of rivers and the planting of thousands of trees and flowers. Today, visitors can marvel at its grandeur and stroll along its meticulously designed pathways, experiencing a glimpse of royal life.


4. Sheep Meadow

Nestled within the bustling cityscape of New York lies Central Park, a green oasis beloved by locals and tourists alike. Among its many notable lawns, the Sheep Meadow stands out as a popular gathering spot for relaxation and recreation. Originally used as a pasture for sheep, it was transformed into a meticulously maintained lawn in the 1930s. In addition to being an enclave in an oft-chaotic city, Sheep Meadow has often been a centerpiece for protests and political movements.

While we often associate lawns as places of fun and leisure, they have the ability to be symbols of great importance. From the White House, Buckingham Palace, Versailles, and Sheep Meadow, these spectacular expanses of green symbolize power, strength, beauty, and unity—and serve as an integral part of our cultural landscape.

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