Why You Shouldn’t Burn Leaves

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It’s easy to understand why some people choose to burn leaves. It’s a fast and effective way to remove leaves from your yard. However, due to the negative impact leaf burning causes, it’s advised that you do not burn your leaves.

Legality. There are two types of burning: closed and open. A closed burn occurs indoors, such as in a fireplace. An open burn is when you burn leaf piles or use a burn pit. Closed burning is allowed almost everywhere, but for open burning, many areas prohibit this practice due to the inherent danger of causing a widespread fire. Leaf burning is against the law in many places and if it is allowed, a permit is almost always required.

Health Concerns: Where there is smoke, there is a health hazard. Exposure to airborne particles from a leaf burn can cause, eye, nose, and throat irritation, and can impair your breathing ability. Burning also produces carbon monoxide and with excessive exposure, this gas can displace the oxygen in your blood and cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

Environmental Impact: Gasses produced during burning can create a ground-level ozone environment that’s unsafe for wildlife and sensitive plants. But the greatest hazard is how fast a small fire can turn into an inferno. It is estimated that humans cause 85% of wildfires, many of which start as leaf burning.

While burning leaves is fast, the cons far outweigh the pros. If you are looking for a safe way to discard leaves from your lawn, consider a lawn and leaf vacuum.

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