How To Handle Your Lawn Care Before Fall Starts

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Your lawn look much better in the fall if you have done a few things to keep the space as clean as possible. Your lawn will recover in the spring if you have planned ahead, and you must consider what can be done to keep your flowers, grass, and shrubs in the best condition. Someone who wants to have a glorious lawn in the spring needs to do a little preparation, and you can complete all these tasks in just a few short days.

  1. Aerate

You might want to aerate your lawn before it gets cold outside so that you do not have so much hard ground to plant. You will get much better results in the fall because the ground has been rained on so many times. The aeration only takes an hour or two, and you are much more ready for the cold season.

  1. Clear Debris

You must clear debris from your lawn that could get in the way when the grass tries to grow again. People who leave debris out have it compacted into the soil over the winter with rain or snow. You want your lawn to be clean so that the grass and seeds can stay in the right place and not get covered up or washed away.

  1. Trim The Hedges

Your hedges will still grow in the fall or winter because they are getting some kind of nutrition during that time of year. You should use this time to cut down the hedges as much as you can. The hedges can begin to grow again in the spring when they are cut down so low because they are trying to grow out of the long branches that were left behind.

  1. Trim Tree Branches

Trim tree branches that you have around the lawn, and remember that you can use the this clear space to get more light in the lawn. You will be much more comfortable in the lawn because you will not have branches falling on you. You can keep leaves out of the house, and you might find that the lawn is much safer. The trees will not lean so much in the heavy wind of the winter, and they do not leave extra debris on the house.

  1. Rake The Whole Area

You must rake the whole area because you want all the straw and spores to be removed from the area so that they do not grow if you get a sudden warm snap or prolonged period of rain. You must have a clean lawn that will simply grow in the spring. You must be certain that you have used the rake allow over the lawn, cleaned the area completely, and thrown out all the different things that you find in the pile.

  1. Pull Up Weeds

You must pull up all the weeds in the yard because those weeds will cause problems in the spring when they are still there. It is smart for you to clear the lawn completely, and you will feel as though you have a lawn that has nothing in it. That means that you can start seeding and fertilizing the lawn over the course of the spring.

  1. Conclusion

The lawn care that you do will prepare you for the spring by making your lawn clear and clean. You can do anything in the spring when the lawn has been prepared, and you must be certain that you have taken all these steps before expecting to have grass grow in the middle of the spring with normal watering and/or cutting.

Author Bio : Sarah works for Yourgreenpal and she loves to write about lawn care and garden.

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